Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– Islam in Indonesia and Muslim societies become religious in social communities that are able to accept the new dynamics while maintaining the originality of Islam. Moreover, Islam and the Muslim communities in Indonesia also managed to break the Western world view about Muslims being left behind.

This was conveyed by al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Prof Dr Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed El-Tayyeb in the peace and humanitarian speeches in the auditorium of Harun Nasution, Tuesday (23/02).

“Indonesia has God chosen to spread Islam as a state religion that calls upon world-happiness and also considering the happiness of the hereafter, whilst maintaining the originality (the teachings of Islam, ed.) And still modernizing with time. The two combined for both the individual and the people of Indonesia,” he explained.

With a commitment to maintain the originality of Islam and openness to new things, said the Rector of al-Azhar University in 2003-2010, Islamic communities treasure Islam in Indonesia, both as a source of knowledge, and morality in the lives of individuals and societies. As well as encouraging the spirit of Islam, science and technology in these areas.

With the ability to combine science, faith, and charity, Islam and these Muslim communities has made Indonesia, able to perform huge leaps to become one of the most advanced countries in the Asian region. “Even Indonesia has become an Asian tiger,” he said.

With this achievement, he added, Islam in Indonesia has also denied allegations that Islam is a religion of malaise, non-productivity, and inhibiting economic and political progress.

“Currently, Indonesia has become a model Muslim country that Muslims all around the world can be proud of, because it is able to achieve remarkable economic progress, especially in Southeast Asia,” he added.

Only, the man born in Qina, the 6th of January 1946 is reminiscent upon Indonesian Muslims to be aware of the many challenges in various aspects of life of humanity, whether economic, political, and environmental.

“Issues such as these are the most common, especially in the third world which threaten security and public health of the country,” he said.

In addition, it also asked the Muslim communities to be aware of a threat, of the loss of peace due to the widespread chaos and domination of certain powers in the name of religion. Because besides creating political instability and security, such conditions leads to the positive image of Islam to be contaminated.

“Even worse, is the number of crimes and bloodshed which are so said to be in the name of religion, especially in the name of Islam,” he explained.

The Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar Prof Dr Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed El-Tayeb made a visit to Indonesia in the framework of regular meetings at the gathering of Hukama al-Muslimin in Jakarta, Sunday-Friday (21-26/02). Apart from delivering speeches at UIN Jakarta, El-Tayeb made a visit to President Joko Widodo in the National Palace, the universities and boarding schools in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, UIN Jakarta was chosen as the location of the delivery of a humanitarian and peace speech by el-Tayeb, an affirmation of the importance of science and religion becomes the main foundation of peace and humanity. As a foundation, the Dean of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) Dr. Hamka Hasan Lc., MA said religion and science provides a matrix for constructing honor in human values.

“On the other hand, educational institutions should be encouraged to develop peace through its Tri Darma Higher Education, namely research, education and teaching, and community service,” he said. (Translate by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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