Rectorat Building, UIN NEWS Online— Seven researchers from UIN Jakarta and another three from around the world universities were chosen as a grantee from 2016 UIN Jakarta Research Fellowship program. In addition to research, the grantee will also act as a lecturer, the speakers for seminar and other various academy activities.

It was said by the Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service Prof. Dr. Arskal Salim MA to UIN News Online, Thursday (30th June). “After conducting the selection from the various submitted proposals, we decide to choose seven academies  to do fellowship research,” he added.

He  also explained that the seven researcher are consisting of four professor-lecturer from uin jakarta and the other three from another worldwide universities. From UIN Jakarta is consists of Dr. Usep Abdul Matin from the Faculty of Adab and Humanities who will be transferred to Monash University,  Dr. Amin Nurdin from the Faculty of Ushuluddin who will be transferred to Philipps Marbug University of Germany, Dr. Nurlaely Mida from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to Yamaguchi University of Japan and Dr. Yuli Yasin from Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah to University of Kuwait.

As for the foreign researcher, Sundaraj Dharmaraj from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jee Young Lee from University of Canberra, and Kevin William Fogg from University of Oxford. Dharmaraj, Lee, dan Fogg will conducting the research at The faculty of Adab and Humanities, Faculty of Science and Technology , and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

The rector, Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, said beforehand, that he had a commitment to grow the international academic culture in UIN Jakarta. It can be done by sending the lecturer from UIN Jakarta to do the teaching and research to foreign universities. In the otherwise, the other lecturer from foreign universities will be invited to give a lecture and do research in UIN Jakarta.

“Thus, we hope that we could absorb the international academic cultures to UIN Jakarta through the researchers that UIN sent around the world or from the researchers – lecturers from other universities around the world that were sent to UIN Jakarta,” he explained.

Previously, UIN Jakarta received six professors from foreign universities in 2016 UIN Jakarta visiting professor program, they are Bijan Davvaz from Yazd University of Iran, Hamid Slimi from Canadian Centre for Deen Studies, Martha Beck dari Lyon College, Jayakaran Mukundan from Universitas Putera Malaysia, Muhammad Ibrahim Noorzaee dari Kabul University, and Abdul Aziz Munadhil from Ibn Tufail University of Morocco. (Yuni Nurkamilah/zm/fa/Umar Syarif Audah)

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