Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online– In order to deepen the study about Lecturers Workload (BKD), group of Senate from UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau (UIN Suska) Conducted a meeting visit with Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) UIN Jakarta on Monday (24/7/2017) in the Main Room of Rectorate Building 2nd floor.

The group of 11 members of the Senate of UIN Suska Commission A of Academic Affairs, besides being accepted by LPM Chairman Dr. Sururin MA and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr Fadhilah Suralaga MSi, attended the meeting, Senate Secretary of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Suwito MA.

Chairman of Senate UIN Suska Prof. Dr. H M Nazir who became chairman of the entourage said last year UIN Suska has very high entusiasts that reached 7000 people.

“The consequences was the lecturers have to be added but that was when the regulation was still flexible and easy to recruit lecturers unlike today, rather tight,” said Nazir.

For lecturers back then, he added, it was enough to recruit contract lecturers. But now, the rules are changed to permanent lecturers.

“This visitation is very important so we can learn to find solutions from UIN Jakarta and have the chance to sharing other problems,” said the former Rector of UIN Suska whose term ends in 2014.

Responding to this, Prof Suwito share tricks to fill in BKD based on his experience so that it wouldn’t bother the job of assessors.

“The key to BKD is that needs to be understood that the capacity given is the maximum capacity, so do not be taken all to fit the capacity of BKD, don’t excess,” said Suwito.

If there is any surplus, he added, it goes to SKPR. He added that there should be a distinction between structural and non-structural positions.

“If the non-structural is like the chairman and secretary of the senate entry into the position of support, do not enter the implementation of education (dikjar),” he ended.

After the two sides delivered the opening remarks, the meeting continued with the discussion guidance BKD UIN Jakarta 2015 led by Chairman of LPM UIN Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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