Aula SC, BERITA UIN Online— Women Empowerment Division from House of Representative of UIN Jakarta conducting talkshow with a topic “the challenge that faces women in current” in Student Center on Thursday, April 21. The talkshow is commemorating kartini’s day and the speakers are Dr. Andriyani Asmuni MAg, head of dharma wanita UIN Jakarta, and Ala’I Nadjib, MA, (the lecturer).

Andriyani emphasizes the importance of women to rekindle spirit of freedom for women, issued by RA Kartini. There are two sectors that women can take a role, namely strengthening women’s capacity in education and esmotion. “The women can go forward”, she said.

According to Andriyani, nowadays, women have a bigger responsible both in their family and society. In family, the children get their first education by their mother. In society, the women is expected to participate in social empowering. “Therefore, i strongly agree that a women should have a career. But i do not mean for women to forget their role as a mother and a wife. The women should make it balance” she said.

Meanwhile, Ala’i said that the main problem for improving women’s status is discrimination circumstances in our culture. One of them is our common assumption that the higher of men’s career, the more attractive he is. Whereas, the higher of women’s career, the more difficult she gets a partner. That was a wrong case that still happen in our culture” said Ala’i. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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