FST, UIN Online News – Student Senate (SEMA) Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UIN Jakarta held a Legislative Class event. Legislative Class is an event that aims to improve the law, guidelines and rules that apply to student organizations in particular FST.

By raising three topics of discussion, namely legislative material, trial technical materials, and legal drafting material, the event was held in the FST Theater Room on Friday (10/12/2018).

The speaker for the issues disscussed among them is Khaidir Musa SH (former FL2MI Jabodetabek Secretary General 2017) who deliver legislative class.

On the occasion, he conveyed the meaning of the legislature, legislative institutions, and legislative functions. Then, the second material was the technical material of the trial, presented by Ade Syamsul Falah SH (former General Chairperson of BPC Jakarta Raya 2016).

Regarding the trial technique, Ade explained how the procedures for trial were good and right. While the final material, Legal Drafting, was delivered by Alan Noviandi SH (founder of the CLC Legal Study Forum). This Legal Drafting Material discusses how the review structure in rules or laws.

For info, the speakers present at the event were alumni of UIN Jakarta. The event which was attended by at least 80 participants, took place lively and there was an interactive dialogue between keynote speakers and participants. To UIN Online NEWS, one of the organizers said that with the existence of this legislative class, participants were expected to get to know one of the organizations engaged in the legislative field, namely SEMA and be more knowledgeable about good and right legislative procedures. (usa)

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