Student Center, UIN NEWS Online – As part of the community element, Scouts must have the spirit and mentality to serve, both to the community, nation and state. The mental attitude of serving is a hallmark of Scout Movement activists who are always willing to help and be steadfast, diligent and skillful.

This was expressed by the Director  of the Jakarta UIN Scout Movement Nanang Syaikhu in welcoming the arrival of 31 2018 Odyssey participants from Malang, East Java, at the Student Center building on Monday (09/17/2018). Nanang said, Scouting must also be part of the nation’s struggle process, now and in the future.

“Therefore, I ask the Jakarta UIN Scouts to have loyalty, dedication, and specialism while active as members,” he said.

According to Nanang, scouting activities at UIN Jakarta must continue to be developed and improved in terms of quality. Nanang also requested that the Jakarta UIN Scout prepare the next generation of estafeta, especially in the Pandega Racana Council, as an organization that accommodates the activities of its members. “

You must be ready to continue the estafet board of the Racana Board. So, prepare from now to carry out the next mandate, “he said.

The event is followed by Pandega candidates. The activity is a process of self-development in order to become a full member. This year’s odyssey was attended by 31 participants with Malang city in Eat Javas the target. At the destination, the participants conducted various studies and field research, such as scout bases in universities (State Islamic University, Malang Islamic University, and Malang State University), processed home industry foods, historical sites, and tourist areas.

The odyssey lasts for a week from 10-16 September 2018. After taking part in the journey, participants will get activity points. This requirement is a ticket for following the next process, namely filling in the Pandega general skills (SKU) requirements. (usa)

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