Ciputat, UIN News Online – Scout of UIN Jakarta set Deri Giwang Febriyanto and Lina Fitri Isnaeni as a Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Dewan Racana for 2017-2018 period. This decision is in accordance with the results of the 28th Musyawarah Racana (Musyra) conducted at the Hall of Darussalam Ciputat Foundation from Friday to Sunday (12/8-10/2017).

The election is conducted democratically based on the highest vote count. They managed to defeat 13 other candidates. Of the 69 people who have voting rights, Deri Giwang get 26 votes and Lina fitri get 20 votes.

In addition to appointing the chairman of the Dewan Racana, Scout of UIN Jakarta also established M. Qolbi Robiq and Anita Rosmawati as the Pemangku Adat Putera and Pemangku Adat Puteri. They are chosen based on the vote count. The election system itself is different with the chairman election, namely one voter writes two names at once. M. Qolbi Robiq won 46 votes and Anita Rosmawati got 14 votes.

Deri Giwang and Lina Fitri replace Wahyu Fahmi and Husnul Hotimah who have finished their service time. Meanwhile, M. Robik Qolbi and Anita Rosmawati replaced Abi hasan and Rahmalia as the Pemangku Adat of 2016-2017. (usa)

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