Ciputat, UIN News Online – Scout Movement of UIN Jakarta distributed at least 40 packs of Nasi Bungkus (packed rice) to the dhuafa, Friday, (07/13/2018). The main targets are small traders, scavengers, pedicab drivers, ojek drivers, and excavation workers.

Program Coordinator, Lina Fitri Isnaeni said, the distribution of Nasi Bungkus is one of UIN Jakarta’s scout movement efforts in helping the less fortunate people. “This program is the first time held by Scout movement of UIN Jakarta and planned to be held every Friday afternoon,” said Lina.

Furthermore, Lina explained, the funds used to provide the Nasi Bungkus are obtained from donors, especially seniors and alumni Racana.

“This activity is also our endeavor in order to realize the Pramuka Peduli program,” she said.

Lina also revealed, the activity of Pramuka Peduli is not only done in the form of Nasi Bungkus distribution. Another concern is in the form of tutoring for scavengers and street children located in Ciputat Market area. According to Lina, the activity has even been going on for several years and passed down from generation to generation. (usa)

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