Diorama Room, UIN News Online – A number of santriwati from Sekolah Putri Daarul Istiqomah (SPIDI), Maros, South Sulawesi visites UIN Jakarta, conducts an academic visit to UIN Jakarta, Monday, (03/05/2018). The group, led by Amal Hasan S.Pd was welcomed by Sub-division head of Publication and Documentary UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH at Diorama room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

In his remarks, Amal said this activity was held in order to introduce the students to the University life as well as to provide experiences on outer high school environments. “Through this activity, we would like to introduce our students into university life, ranging from the faculties, study programs, as well as the academic activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, Feni Arifiani in his presentation explained, UIN Jakarta is one of the famous Islamic universities in Indonesia and even at the international level. UIN Jakarta has 12 faculties, including graduate school (SPs), with 58 courses, both religious and public.

The selection of entry into UIN Jakarta is done through five enrollment systems, namely SPMB Mandiri, SBMPTN, SNMPTN, SPAN PTKIN and UM PTKIN.

As for tuition fees, Feni explained, UIN Jakarta has implemented a single tuition system (UKT), which is a fair and proportional payment system between capable and less able students.

“The UKT system is fair and affordable. Underprivileged students just need to pay Rp 400000 per semester,” he said.

After getting information, the students and teachers then took group photos.  They also took group photos around several noticeable corners of the building, such as in front of Main Auditorium and campus garden. (usa)

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