Palu, Donggala, UIN News Online – After six days after the earthquake and tsunami disaster that struck Palu and Donggala, data on the number of victims, losses and damage increased.

Based on BNPB information, the death toll was 1,424 people, 2,549 people were seriously injured, 113 people were lost, 152 people were buried, 70,821 survivors and 66,238 houses were damaged. The urgent need for fuel, food, water, field hospitals, refugee tents, tarpaulins, blankets, veltbed, lighting equipment, generators, school supplies, furniture, utensils, toiletries, prayer equipment, and body bags.

This was quoted by KMPLHK Ranita UIN Jakarta from BNPB on Thursday (10/04/2018). Student Activity Unit (UKM) is a nature lover who gets a mandate from UIN Jakarta to respond to the disaster in Donggala Palu.

Ranita moves to raise funds from internal campus institutions as well as become campus delegates to volunteer at the affected locations. Ranita also established a post as an information center and collaborated with several student organizations to raise donations.

It is known that the total donations collected from September 30 to October 4 amounted to Rp. 27,305,200.

“The logistical assistance is 5 x 8 meters tarpaulin, 5 pieces, 12 boxes of Pampres, 12 boxes of sanitary napkins, 24 pieces of sardines, 10 pieces of shredded fruit, 12 pieces of biscuits, and 24 pieces of baby food,” said the chairman of Ranita volunteers, Lien Sururoh in the 9th semester Chemistry Department who have evacuation post management skills.

In addition, she continued, Ranita also distributed aid from KBRD (the Democratic People’s Family) who gave 6 boxers, 1 box of men and women’s undergarments, 1 box of women’s clothes, and 3-box of sanitary pads.

She explained, in responding to this disaster, Ranita UIN Jakarta sent 4 volunteers besides herself, Risma Tri Yurita 7th Social Welfare Department who had psychosocial skills, Abdurrahman Heriza Department of History of Islamic Civilization 9th semester who had evacuation skills, and Iqbal Ramadhan 7th Public Health Department who have evacuation skills.

“Before the departure of volunteers, a release ceremony was held on October 3 in the presence of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak MA, student organizations, and Dema UIN Jakarta in the parking lot of the rector’s building,” added Lien. (usa)

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