Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online— UIN Jakarta has listed several developments in research and publications over the last three years. Increasing of the budget, the number and theme of science mark the development of the field of research. While increasing the volume of article publications in accredited national journals and indexed international journals marks development in the publication aspect.

Thus the UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Rector Performance Report 2015-2017 as quoted by UIN NEWS Online, Friday (19/01/2018). Previous reports have been presented by the Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA during a meeting with the leadership and members of the Senate UIN Jakarta in the Diorama Room, Tuesday (16/01/2018).

The report notes, the research became one of the commitments of developing UIN Jakarta into a world class research university or research world class university. As a commitment, the allocation of research funding continues to increase over the past three years, starting from Rp 7 billion in 2015, Rp 11 billion in 2016 and Rp 13 billion in 2017.

In addition to the funds allocated from UIN Jakarta’s own budget, the Rector said, the research funds that were successfully obtained by UIN Jakarta lecturers from various national and international research institutions also continue to increase from year to year. In 2015, the amount of external research funds of Rp 22 billion was successfully utilized by lecturers-researchers. And raised again in the next two years, each Rp 21 billion and Rp 27 billion.

With an ever-increasing research fund, UIN Jakarta is able to facilitate the number of researches submitted by lecturers who are increasing from year to year. In addition, the increase in funding also allows UIN Jakarta to finance joint research activities between UIN Jakarta research lecturers and university academics partners.

The research partnership was conducted with a fellowship research scheme to visiting professor. Through this scheme, UIN Jakarta invites university lecturers of university researcher or on the other hand to send lecturer of UIN Jakarta researchers in universities of the world.

In addition, research activities are also developed with the involvement of students so it is expected to provide a basis and excellent experience for students. “Their participation to complement their insights into research methods and research skills, which are necessary in accordance with their respective fields and interests,” the report notes.

Furthermore, research activities are also developed by expanding the cluster of research themes. In addition to Islamic studies, research themes are developed into the fields of science, social and humanities, and scientific integration aimed at creating a dialogue between the field of general science and Islamic studies.

From the publication side, the number of international publications of UIN Jakarta’s academic community is also increasing, both in reputable international publications such as Scopus and non-reputable. Until the end of 2017, each reached 497 articles and 48 articles published in 2017.

Still on the publication side, the number of accredited national publication articles has also increased. By the end of 2017, there are 68 articles published in accredited national journals, up from 44 publications in 2015 and 49 publications in 2016. (usa)

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