Ciputat, BERITA UIN Online— Ahmad Hamdani, a 6th semester student studying Chemistry Education has won 2nd place at Musabaqah Makalah Al-Quran (MMQ) during XIII MTQ in Serang, Banten province on Wednesday-Monday, April 6-11. At that time, Dani was presenting his paper entitled “Membumikan Ekoteologi Islam: Upaya Mengatasi Problematika Lingkungan”.

This paper shows a solution about environmental issues by combining two approaches, ecology and theology of islam. According to him, those two approaches deal with environmental protection to save human life and the universe.

Dani’s paper successfully brought him to the final stage. Dani, head of Bidikmisi Student Association (FORMABI) UIN Jakarta, presents his paper in front of the judges in Sultan Maulana Hasanudin State Islamic Institute, Banten.

The judges compromised to choose Dani (ambassador of South Tangerang) as a second winner of MMQ. Whereas, the first and third place were obtained by representatives from regency of Serang and city of Serang, respectively. “This is my first experience competing in MMQ. I was a bit shocked when i had to type using old-typing-machine, i had never imagine that i can use it. Thanks to my advisors and of course your doa, praise be to Allah i can get this achievement” said Dani.

Dani, ambassador of the city of South Tangerang, previously has won MTQ VII in october last year. At that event, Dani wrote a paper entitled “Pendidikan Kelautan Untuk Indonesia Maju: Ironi Negeri Berjuta Nyiur Hijau”. Dani said that being a champion for MMQ in Banten was not his first achievements, previously he already won Science Paper Competition of Alquran (LKTIA) during national MTQ 14th and LKTS PENTAS held by ministry of education and culture in 2015. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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