Student Affairs Building, UIN News Online – In order to commemorate the thoughts and efforts of Prof Dr Harun Nasution (Former Rector of IAIN Jakarta 1973-1984), UIN Jakarta through Student and Alumni Affairs will organize Harun Nasution Memorial Lecture on Thursday (12/14/2017) at Harun Nasution Auditorium.

“Harun Nasution is one UIN Jakarta leaders who greatly contributed to the development of Islamic higher education in Indonesia through his progressive thinking,” said Sib-division head of student and alumni affairs UIN Jakarta R Trisno M Riyadi MKom to UIN News Online in his office, Monday, (12/11/2017).

Therefore, he continued, this event is very important to be attended by UIN Jakarta students so that they can be more familiar with and know the efforts and thoughts of one of the founding father who brought the name of UIN Jakarta as it is today.

“Because it will be held in the study hour, Student Affairs department will provide a permit that can be taken at the Student Building starting on Wednesday, December 13, 2017,” added Trisno.

Moreover, the participants are also provided with prizes of 1 rice cooker, 1 fan, 1 flatiron, 3 electric heating cups, 3 tumbler, 2 19gb’s of internet quota, 8 books titled Refleksi Harun Nasution and 3 inspirational books of UIN Jakarta student achievement at international level.

Trisno also added, as a testimony, Student Affairs Division UIN Jakarta will present Prof Dr Yunan Yusuf and Prof. Dr. Suwito in the form of scientific lectures.

“For registration, please fill out the form on the link we have provided ( and this lecture is mandatory for Bidik Misi students 2017,” he added. (usa)

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