Bogor, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA requested that UIN Jakarta land ownership problems to be settled immediately. In order to resolve the problems, rector suggested that it could be done through several approaches, namely legal, cultural and technical actions.

This was conveyed by Dede to the participants of UIN Jakarta Land Settlement workshop at Wisma Tugu, Bogor, West Java, Thursday, (5/18). “I hope this workshop can produce some important formulas to solve the problems. Additionally, we need to formed a taskforce team and its timeline,” he said.

The workshop, organized by Center for Public Relation and Legal Aids (PLHBH) UIN Jakarta is attended by a number of related parties. Among them are the police department, sub-district, administrative village, and legal bureau of the ministry of religious affairs (MORA) officials.

According to Dede, since he served as Rector, the land issues in UIN Jakarta always considered as the findings by the Supreme Audit Agency’s (BPK) every year. That’s because the unsettled problems on the land owned by Ministry of Religious Affairs (c.q UIN Jakarta).

“There are many obstacles. We are sometimes hampered by another problem when we are going to execute the problem,” said dede.

He also added that there are at least five land ownership problems that need to be settled. Most of the land is located at South Tangerang and Tangerang regency. Among them are the land claimed by the Institute of Al-Qur’an Sciences (IIQ) foundation, the land of Triguna Utama Foundation, the land of lecturer complex, the land in Puri Intan area, and the land in Cikuya Village, Solear District, Tangerang.

“Hopefully, the progress will go without many obstacles, so UIN Jakarta can immediately realize the development and expansion of the campus in near future,” he added. (usa)

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