Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta is a campus that able to accommodate the diversity. This is evidenced by the number of Non-Muslim students who studied in UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA during the opening of National Silaturahmi (Silatnas) of PTKIN BEM, Tuesday, (5/2), at Harun Nasution Main Auditorium, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

He also added that Pancasila is the best choice for this nation, because all of national interest in Indonesia has been accommodated in the Pancasila.

“What is needed now is how we are able to continue and fill the outcome of the struggles of our predecessors. It takes a superior generation who qualified in various things, by not forgetting the national identity known as a moderate and tolerant nation,” said Dede.

As national Islamic Higher Institution, he continues, we need to give an example on how to deal with national diversity.

“UIN Jakarta currently has many professors in various fields. There are Many Confucianism students who studying their religion in UIN Jakarta. They were taught by UIN Jakarta lecturers who were experts in the Confucianism, even though the lecturer is a Muslim,” he said.

Moreover, Rector also “challenged” the students to be more productive in writing about pluralism in local media. “The students are expected to give their wise opinion in facing the national diversity, and on how Islam’s current inclusiveness has become a culture,” he added. (usa)

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