NICT Building, UIN NEWSOnline—Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, The Rector of UIN Jakarta ask the DPK lecturers UIN Jakarta, to contribute 30 scientific articles published in accredited international journals this year. In addition to the lecturer’s duty components, publishing articles in international journals alone is expected to trigger the academic Development of DPK lecturers.

This was conveyed by when the rector give direction on Dissemination of Information Technology Applications For DPK Lecturer in NICT Building UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (26/04). Rector said that 30 international articles were greatly expected to be contributed by around 120 DPK lecturers of UIN Jakarta spread across a number of college in Kopertais Region I UIN Jakarta.

“Writing International articles is part of the job as a lecturer. When the articles are available to the world, it si not me Thar would De famous, but the lecturer who wrote that andUIN Jakarta as a place you devote yourself as a lecturer, “he said.

In UIN Jakarta internal environment itself, UIN Jakarta targeted the amount of lecturer’s scientific article published by indexed international journals reaches 300 articles.This number rose from last year realization in total of 158 titles. With a target of 30 international scientific articles from DPK lecturers donations and 300 international scientific articles from UIN Jakarta internal lecturers, the total target of UIN Jakarta international articles this year reached 330 titles. (hmn/zm)

Translated by: Ihsan/Rany Setyasari

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