Rector Building, UIN NEWS Online– Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA for the umpteenth time to publish his writings in the form of a book entitled Islam and Science: Integrating Efforts Islam and Science in Indonesia. The book is edited by the Professor of Islamic History Prof Dr Murodi MA is a collector of writings and journals, newspapers, and presented in a variety of academic forum.

According to Murodi who is also Vice-Rector for the Cooperation of UIN Jakarta, in a book published in cooperation with the RM Books Publications and Documentations Subag, the rector expressed his thoughts on the idea of ​​integration and reflection of Islam and Science in Indonesia. “In addition to the review, and the theoretical standpoint, the author reviewed the integration of Islam and Science from the standpoint of practice,” he said.

In the first instance, the chancellor presented his thoughts on the relationship between Islam and science. In this case, the chancellor outlines the attitudes of the al-Quran and Sunnah in the position of science. Being on various chapters later, the rector parse various practical issues such as curriculum, student skills certification, and even about the challenges students are facing in ASEAN single market (MEA).

Technically, a book published in 2016 is divided into seven sections, Teching, Science, and Integration of Science; Hardiknas and Gold Generation; UIN Jakarta and Research Tradition: School, Quality Education, and the National Character; Graduate School, between Challenge and Hope; Global Recognition; and, Harmony Moderat Religion and Islam.

Before writing the book Islam and Science, the rector has written a number of books. Among Democratic Education Paradigm: A Model Community Involvement in School Management (2004); Education Citizenship, Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Society (2002), and Islamic Law and Social Institution (1992). (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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