Rectorate, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis suggested the State Islamic Higher Education Institution (PTKIN) under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs to be more active in conducting international socialization or promotion. This is one of PTKIN’s internationalization efforts to be more recognized by the international community.

This was said by the Rector during online seminar entitled “Mencari Terobosan Kerja Sama Internasional di UIN/IAIN/Perguruan Tinggi Islam di Masa Pandemi Covid-19”, Thursday (04/30/2020). The seminar, which was organized by the Center for International Cooperation (CIC) UIN Jakarta was attended by the International Offices representatives of UIN / IAIN throughout Indonesia.

Moderated by the Head of CIC UIN Jakarta Dadi Darmadi, this seminar presents four speakers, namely Andi Faisak Bakti (UIN Jakarta’s Vice Rector for Cooperation), Jajang Jahroni (the Head of LP2M UIN Jakarta), Thobib Al-Asyhar (Head of International cooperation depertment, Legal and international cooperation bureau, Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs), and Diar Nurbintoro (Associate Diplomat, Directorate of Technical Cooperation, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

According to the Rector, there are many ways that can be done in internationalizing the PTKIN, one of which is by conducting various promotions in various media, for example by printing promotional brochures in various languages. “Promotional activities can be done through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Indonesian Embassy, and even the Ministry of Religion itself,” said Amany.

Among the promotions is how PTKIN attracts the foreign students to study at UIN or IAIN. The interest of international student to study at UIN/IAIN is due to moderate religious factors that are taught.

To further attract the international students, PTKIN could carry out scholarship cooperation schemes. Prospective students must have a sponsor or agency, but those who are able may pay for it themselves. It’s only important for PTKIN to avoid commercialization wherever possible.

Another strategy in the framework of PTKIN’s internationalization is to bring in foreign lecturers as guest lecturers, with a minimum teaching period of one semester.

“UIN Jakarta has brought in many foreign lecturers, For example, lecturers from Al Azhar University,” said Rector.

Moreover, in addition to the presence of foreign lecturers and adequate learning facilities, the presence of international students are also important to raise the PTKIN’s international reputation. (usa/ns)

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