NICT, UIN News Online – During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all activities were held virtually, including the Introduction to Academic and Student Culture or PBAK UIN Jakarta in 2020. By raising the theme on “Bersama UIN Jakarta Sukses Studi dan Berkarya menghadapi Era Baru”, the activity was held virtually through Zoom application and live streamed through YouTube on Wednesday, (09/10/2020).

Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis in her welcoming speech greeted the new students and hoped that they would soon meet face-to-face on campus. “Welcome to UIN Jakarta, a campus that prioritizes the integration of religious and scientific knowledge, and upholds religious moderation,” she said,

She also added that the virtual PBAK 2020 applies a very important motto to be implemented in everyday life, namely Islamic value, moderate, and Innovative. This motto requires UIN Jakarta students to be able to integrate religious and scientific sciences, as well as to uphold religious moderation for a better future of this country.

“These three aspects are considered very important to be applied in our lives as citizens, let us strengthen our day to apply these aspects,” said Rector.

The Rector also prays for all UIN Jakarta academic community to always be in a healthy condition. “I pray that everyone will stay healthy, so that we can carry out our duties properly,” she said.

The opening of PBAK UIN Jakarta was also attended by the Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag) Fachrul Razi. Fachrul entrusts a lot of mandate to all students of Islamic religious higher education institution (PTKI), especially UIN Jakarta students to always be at the forefront to defend the Republic of Indonesia.

“Anyone who disturbs the Republic of Indonesia, PTKI students must be at the forefront to defend the Republic of Indonesia by using strong religious arguments and various legal foundations,” said Fachrul.

He also left a very important message for all PTKI students throughout Indonesia to become ambassadors for religious moderation. According to Fachrul, Islamic religious colleges (PTKI) must continue to integrate Islamic and national value in order to produce prominent scholars who are moderate and humanist.

“Therefore, the profile of PTKI graduates is one who understands the importance of religious moderation,” he concluded. (usa)

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