SC, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA states that the acts of terror are against the teaching of Islam and do not represent Muslims around the world. The statement was expressed during the opening of “Generasi Berencana” National Seminar, Monday, (05/14/2018) at Student Center Hall, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

He also expressed his condolences for the victims of bombing terror incidents in Surabaya, Sunday (05/13/2018), and Monday (05/14/2018).

“We would like to express our sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy,” he said.

According to Dede, terrorism has never been taught in any religion. He also added that these heinous acts violate the tolerant teachings of Islam.

He also urged the authorities to immediately resolve various terror events that occurred recently. “We urge Indonesian Police to resolve the situation quickly to avoid further incidents,” said Dede.

As an educational institution, UIN Jakarta UIN Jakarta has conducted various actions to prevent the spread of radical ideology in campus.

“UIN Jakarta inculcates the value of Islam Rahmatan lil alamin teachings, inclusive and moderate Islam, and prohibit any activities that contradict the Pancasila,” said Dede. (usa)

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