Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Chancellor Dede Rosyada inaugurated a shared building in the former Main Library on Friday (01/04/2019). The opening ceremony was marked by ribbon cutting ceremony and the launch of Rumah Jurnal.

Also present at the event, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Fadhilah Suralaga, Vice Rector for General Administration Abdul Hamid, Vice Rector for Cooperation Murodi , Secretary of the University Senate Amany Lubis, Dean of the Science and Technology Fculty Agus Salim, AUK Bureau Chief Rudi Subiyantoro, AAKK Bureau chief Khoirudin, and PK bureau chief Khairunas.

The space includes the Data Center (Pustipanda), Rumah Jurnal, and Lecturer Room. Based on the record, the three-story building was previously used for the Main Library. After the Main Library occupies a new building located in front of the Da’wah and Communication Faculty and Ushuluddin Faculty buildings, the building is then renovated and converted into offices and lecturer rooms. In the 1970s, the building was the Pravitasari Auditorium and Studio owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Pustipana is an IT center of UIN Jakarta that manages the use of web-based applications, including intranet and internet, Academic Information System (AIS), and integrated network systems or fields. Previously, Pustipanda is located at ground floor of the Sharia and Law Faculty building, campus I of UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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