Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA announced the nw tagline for UIN Jakarta for 2018. Transforming to World Class University, while giving speech at the inauguration of four new officials at Main Auditorium, campus I of UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (1/17/2018). According to Rector, this tagline confirms UIN Jakarta’s endeavor to become a public university recognized by the world.

Last year, UIN Jakarta’s tagline was Globality, Humanity, Autonomy. This tagline describes the efforts of UIN Jakarta to be part of a university recognized by the world community, becoming an inclusive university that accommodates the desire of the public to study at UIN Jakarta, as well as to become an independent university in terms of governance and financing.

“This year, UIN Jakarta’s tagline is Transforming to World Class University, confirming our endeavor to become a university recognized by the world community,” said Dede.

Rector explained, the tagline is interpreted as the effort UIN Jakarta as a university that is recognized and accepted by the world community. Starting from research and scientific works, lecturers, students and alumni, as well as its institution.

“The meaning is, students and alumni UIN Jakarta will be acceptable to work anywhere in the world. So as the lecturers and their academic works can also be accepted by the world community, ” he explained.

Rector also added, Transforming to World Class University tagline is not born by itself, but emerged from various rankings such as Webometrics, Google Scholar Citations, Times Higher Education (THE), as well as 4 International Colleges & Universities (4ICU) Ranking. These rating agencies placed UIN Jakarta as one of the best State Islamic Universities.

“Including the award from Ministry of Religious Affairs in 2017 that puts UIN Jakarta as the best State Islamic University,” he said.

However, he added, in order to realize the tagline, it takes awareness from all academic community to keep working hard in advancing UIN Jakarta. The lecturers for example are asked to keep improving the publication in indexed academic journals and start utilizing UIN Jakarta lecturers’ blog in delivering the learning material for the students.

In addition, the lecturers, especially the final project supervisors, are asked to encourage their students to quote the work of lecturers-researchers at UIN Jakarta itself as their reference.

At least five books or journal articles written by UIN Jakarta lecturers themselves. This is very influential for UIN Jakarta’s citation ranking. (usa)

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