Kuningan, UIN NEWS Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada asserted that almost all UIN Jakarata graduates are always welcome in the job market and in various fields of profession.

The assertion was conveyed by the Rector when he opened his seminar and book entitled Professionalism of Madrasah and Guru in Kuningan, West Java, Monday (10/30/2017). The seminar was attended by Madrasah madrasah teachers in Kuningan District and officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office of Kuningan Regency.

The Rector discloses, based on national data, a graduate of Islamic Religious Education (PAI) from tarbiyah faculty, for example, currently there are about 35,000 people. Of that number only 3,500 are absorbed in the job market. Nevertheless, he said, it does not mean those who are not absorbed in the labor market then return the diploma to the faculty.

“Until now I have not heard that there are graduates of PAI graduates who return the diploma to the faculty because it does not sell in the job market,” he said.

According to the Rector, UIN Jakarta graduates themselves have so far been working and well established in various fields of profession. They are not just being religious or active in the spiritual sphere of Islam but also become entrepreneurs and politicians.

Therefore, said Rector, UIN Jakarta until now has become the best destination or college place. Even in terms of tuition fees, lectures at UIN Jakarta are the cheapest, including in the faculty of medicine.

“The cost of education in medical faculty of UIN Jakarta is the cheapest in Indonesia and even around the world,” he said.

The Rector also confirmed that the lecture in UIN Jakarta should not be afraid of liberalism. Therefore, the movement has absolutely no basis. Conversely, Islam developed in UIN Jakarta is a moderate Islam that respects every difference or Islam that is rahmatan lil ‘alamin. (usa)

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