Harun Nasution auditorium, UIN News Online – Student Study Service (KKN) is an academic activity with the target on how to give students practical experience of learned science, this activity run in order to validate their knowledge and to bring changes and help local people.

This was conveyed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA in debriefing of KKN 2017 participants in Harun Nasution Auditorium held by Community Service Center (PPM) UIN Jakarta in accordance with Public Policy Studies Center (PSKP) UIN Jakarta on Thursday (13/7/2017).

“Through KKN and its outcome, the students are expected to bring new researches as it is implemented and the results bring changes,” said Dede in front of hundreds of KKN participants at the event which was packed in the form of seminars.

If it is still in our imagination, he continued, it has not brought results and not including in science category. The elements of science include ontological, epistemological and axiological.

“The axiological must be implemented and bring changes, one of which is proved by KKN with validated science products and implemented theory,” Dede asserted.
He added that one of the recommended places where KKN implemented is around the coast area of Tangerang and the disadvantaged areas. It is done to improve their lives and motivate them toward self-development and inspire the spirit of change.

“Do not bring money, but bring ideas, awaken them to think and change their mindset, though it’s not easy but we can use disciplinary approach,” he said.

In addition, Dede greatly appreciated the theme of the seminar of Grounding Pancasila Knitting Togetherness Towards Tolerant Indonesian Society with speakers Prof Dr Haryono Deputy Head of Presidential Work Unit for the Development Pancasila of Ideology.

According to him, tolerance is encouraged because Indonesia needs connectivity to reduce changes to become prosperous and just country.

“We feel comfortable with Pancasila because the state is participating by taking care of religion, including Qibla proposition. It turned out that the Islamic state, succeeded with Pancasila. In order to reach the Prosperous Country, it must be continuously improved through regulation, “he concluded. (usa-im)

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