Jakarta, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis stated that Islam has a principle of mutual respect for others. The teachings of Islam also honors every humans as fellow descendants of the Prophet Adam.

This was revealed by Amany while attending the inauguration ceremony of Professor Yasona Hamonangan Laoly (Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia) entitled “Dampak Cyber Bullying dalam Kampanye Pemilu terhadap Masa Depan Demokrasi di Era 5.0” at the PTIK, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (09/11/2019).

According to Rector, the principle of mutual respect and covering up the disgrace of others is considered very important, as mentioned in al-Qur’an, surah al-Isra verse 70 which means We have honored the children of Adam.

The verse, says Rector, is a motivation to honor one another, regardless of ethnicity, race, ethnicity, race, or religion. In the letter of al-Hujuraat verse 12 is also mentioned, wala yaghtab ba’dhukum ba’dha (let us not blame one another), no matter the situation and how. However, she said, cyberspace has caused this Islamic inspiration and instruction to be violated.

“To that end, let us all maintain the unity of the nation and the peace of the world by honoring every human being,” said Rector.

Meanwhile, Yasonna in his inaugural speech say that symbolic violence is as dangerous as physical violence. Cyber bullying and cyber victimization are political symptoms in political events or against certain figures. There has been a rapid change from the 4.0 revolution revolving around machines to the revolution era 5.0.

In this era, he said, human factors take precedence over the engine. Therefore, social and democratic factors must be adapted to the world that is currently entering the 5.0 era.

The political bullies phenomenon, he continues, has pushed the democratic party into the pit of cyber bullying and cyber victimization, where each contestant exerted all his strength to make the other party a victim. In this era, humans will again be humanized.

“Developed countries, such as Japan, have directed democracy as social capital that can provide positive energy in advancing and prospering the nation and state,” he said.

The inauguration procession of professor Yasona Laoly was carried out with the military tradition of the Pedang Pora. Such traditions are usually carried out in traditional ceremonies for military officers. In the custom of the professor’s inauguration, the procession was accompanied by a series of gate-shaped swords formed from the swords of the police officers. (usa/ns)

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