Cireundeu, UIN NEWS Online –UIN Jakarta Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada invited all student activists from various student organizations, both intra and extra campus, to break their fast together. The gathering of students among students was held at the Rector’s office in Cireundeu, East Ciputat, Banten, on Wednesday (14/6/2017).

In addition to the Rector, the event was also attended by several officials of UIN Jakarta, among others, Vice Rector for Cooperation Sector Prof. Dr. Murodi, Dean of Faculty of Tarbiyah Prof. Dr. Ahmad Thib Raya, Dean of Faculty of Sharia and Law Dr. Asep Saepuddin Jahar, Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Agus Salim, Dean of Ushuluddin Faculty Prof. Dr. Masri Mansoer, Dean of Faculty of Dakwah and Communication Science Dr. Arief Subhan, and Head of Research and Community Service (LP2M) Prof Dr Arskal Salim GP. The three heads of bureaus are also present, namely Head of Administration Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs and Cooperation Drs Zaenal Arifin MPdI, Head of Public Administration and General Administration Bureau Dr Rudi Subiyantoro, and Head of Planning and Finance Bureau Drs Subarja MPd.

Whereas from student institutions came from  Student Council, All Student Activity Unit (UKM), and three Extra Campus Organizations (HMI), Islamic Student Movement of Indonesia (PMI), and Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM)).

The break-fast ceremony was held casually in the back yard of the house. The leaders of UIN Jakarta and the students sit cross-legged facing each other. The atmosphere seemed intimate and warm. Before the Maghrib call to prayer, the event is filled with marawis musical interlude by UKM Himpunan Qari-qariah Student (Hiqma) and then tausiyah delivered by the Dean of FITK Ahmad Thib Raya.

The Rector on the occasion expressed his gratitude to the students who attend. This momentum according to him, is rarely done so that it becomes its own history for UIN Jakarta.

“I am very happy to meet and stay in touch with the students, especially activists of student organizations. I hope this meeting can make us closer, just like parents with their children,” he said.

On the other hand, Rector also praised and appreciated with various achievements obtained by students in the field of non-academic achievement both national and international level. “I am grateful and may those be a righteous deed for you,” he said. (usa)


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