Diorama Room, UIN NEWS Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA invites local governments / municipal governments to utilize the research results of UIN Jakarta lecturer and researchers. The offer is submitted so that the research result of the researcher-lecturer can be tested and developed to be more useful in building the people’s welfare.

This was conveyed by the Rector when opening the Regional Occurrence-Based Regional Financial Reporting System Training in the Environment of Tangerang Selatan City Government in the Diorama Room, Monday (20/11/2017). “We have research activities, which the research budget has been provided. Please use the results,” he said.

As a university, the Rector, UIN Jakarta has human resources and research that can be synergized into the formula needed by local government in socio-economic development of the community. In terms of resources, for example, UIN Jakarta has 11 faculties and one graduate school that produces research products according to their respective scientific concentrations.

In addition to the lecturers themselves, each student’s research faculty can also utilize the local government. “For financial management accounting, we have the Faculty of Economics and Business. For technology development, UIN Jakarta has Faculty of Science and Technology. Each has a research, please use, “he explained.

Not only that, he continued, UIN Jakarta also routinely annually allocates research grants that are competed among its lecturers. Among the grant-funded research, a large number of them are economic-themed researches such as entrepreneurship development, creative economy, and empowerment of small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

On the other side, Tangerang Selatan Mayor Airin Rachmy Diani SH. MH. M.Kn revealed that the entity is ready to maintain partnership with UIN Jakarta in building the community in its region, including the utilization of research results of universities. The region, he explained, can’t do develop the community in the region alone.

“It needs synergy between government bureaucracy and universities. Moreover we, South Tangerang City Government, have the desire to be Smart City, a city that is able to provide the best service for all citizens,” (usa-rs)

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