PPG, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis inaugurates 385 PPG students who graduated as professional teachers, at the FITK PPG Building, Tuesday (31/12/2019).

Amany in her speech hopes that the experiences gained during the PPG program can be applied in their respective regions, so that they can produce good educational quality outputs. “Hopefully the knowledge and experience gained here can be useful in educating the nation’s future generation,” said Amany.

Meanwhile, Dean of FITK UIN Jakarta Suruin in her report said, of the 669 people who participated in this program, only 385 students were declared graduated.

“They take part in three months of online learning activities, one month of face-to-face workshops and one month of field experience, starting from June to November 2019,” she said.

After passing the performance test, Sururin continued, they took the Knowledge Test (UP) through a server provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.

“For those who have not passed, there is still an opportunity to retake the knowledge exam as much as six times,” said Sururin.

Also present in the event, the Head of DKI Jakarta Education Technical Service Didih Hartaya. (usa)

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