Mutasi-Pejabat-FotoHarun Nasution Auditorium, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada inaugurated new structural officials in Harun Nasution Auditorum UIN Jakarta, Tuedsay, (1/17). The mutation of structural position was conducted to primarily fill the vacant position because of retirement.

The inaugurated officials were Dra Azizah MM as the head of FDIK Administrative section, H. Andi Lala LC as sub-division head of cooperation, Abdul Halim Mahmudi S.Hi as AUK bureau sub division head of Home Affairs. Furthermore, Kuswara M.Si as PK bureau head of planning division, Encep Dimyati S.Ag MA as the head of general affairs division.

In the Faculty level, Drs. Sadeli as the head of FDI Administrative section, replacing Dra. Khalimatussa’diyah who transferred into FISIP as the head of Administrative section.

The previous administrative section head of FISIP, Drs. Ahmad Zulkifli Insagian Noor was transferred into AAKK bureau as the Head of Cooperation and Institution Division by replacing Drs. Rasyi’in, MA who transferred to FKIK as the head of Administrative section.

Furthermore, Drs. Ikhwan MA is now serve as PK bureau Sub-division Head of Implementation and Verification Budget. His previous position is now replaced by Hasbullah S.Pd M.Pd who once served at AAKK bureau as sub-division head of cooperation.

Furthermore, Iin Marlina, SE., MM who once served as Sub-division head of Financial Reporting is now transferred to FST as sub-division head of Finance, Accounting and Planning, she switched the position with Noverleny SE MM.

Furthermore, Iif Fitriyati Ihsani S.Th.I and Yunas Konefi SH. M.Pd also switch their position. Iif who served as Sub-division Head of Organization and Management switch her position with Yunas who served as sub-division head of general administration from the Faculty of Psychology. Meanwhile, Drs. Rahmat dan Drs. Saroni also switch their position. Rahmat who served as sub-division head of general administration from FST, switch his position with Saroni who served as sub-division head of general administration from FDI. (rs/umar)


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