Diorama Room, UIN NEWS   Online-   Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, accompanied by Vice Rector for Cooperation among Institutions Prof Dr Murodi MA, Head of Administration Bureau of Academic Student Affairs and Cooperation (AAKK) Drs Zaenal Arifin MPdI symbolically send-off BUMN certified student apprenticeship in the Diorama room, Harun Nasution Auditorium UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (7/31/2018).

Rector in his speech advised that all participants to maintain the good name of UIN Jakarta, as well as carry out the tasks given best. “Please keep the good name of our alma mater, as Islamic campus, we need to show  our good attitude and work ethic,” said rector.

At the end of his presentation, Dede also advised that participants who would later carry out the internship always uphold the principles of hard work, smart and polite.

“We will be appreciated by people if we have good morals, so just smart is not enough, Be a smart, polite and humble student,” he added.

Head of the Career Center of UIN Jakarta Salamah Agung PhD, when met by UIN NEWS  said that this BUMN-certified apprentice was first performed. “If the results are satisfactory , then this collaboration will continue to be carried out continuously,” said Salamah.

She also added that this program is the result of cooperation between UIN Jakarta and Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) affiliated with BUMN in Indonesia, by launching the Indonesian Student Internship Certification (ISIC).

“This first batch, followed by 48 students from several faculties, will be placed in 23 BUMNs in Greater Jakarta, Bandung and Semarang. But, currently the majority in Jakarta. They will carry out the program for six months. They will also get transport money as well as the amount of money that depends on the policy of the state-owned companies in which they are apprentices,” she said.

For information, for a good student intern appraisal by BUMN, hence have chance to later can work in that BUMN. In addition, students will get two certificates, namely a competency certificate and a BUMN internship certificate. (usa)

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