Bandung, UIN News Online – By referring to the 2017-2021 UIN Jakarta’s Strategic Plan, Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis deliver seven strategic directions for UIN Jakarta’s policy that will be carried in advancing its institution, research, student, and academic affairs.

This was conveyed by the Rector during the opening of UIN Jakarta’s leadership meeting (Rakerpim) 20198, held at el Royale hotel, Bandung on Saturday (03/30/2019), attended by all leaders of UIN Jakarta.

The seven policies consist of; educators and educational personnel capacity improvements, student capacity, facilities and infrastructure, quality assurance, regional and international strategic cooperation, academic quality improvement, scientific integration, and service improvement.

According to Rector, the improvement of educators and educational personnel must be understood as the fulfillment of integrity, morality, leadership, knowledge, and performance. Regarding to this matter, Amany wants the educators and educational personnel to have the same rights in improving their academic qualifications.

“We want to provide the same rights. The education staff are welcome to continue their education and develop themselves,” she said.

Student capacity improvement, she continued, is the percentage of students who graduate on time. This capacity must also be understood by providing scholarships for the excel and outstanding students.

In terms of infrastructure, she added, the academic community of UIN Jakarta are expected to have the same responsibility in maintaining environmental cleanliness and asset security. While quality assurance can be understood as improving the accreditation quality in each study program.

As for strategic cooperation, she continued, UIN Jakarta is encouraged to establish and maintain the partnerships quality and continue to add new potential partnership, both local and international.

Academic Quality Improvement and Scientific Integration, she explained, UIN Jakarta needs to maintain the academic quality offered. his can be done by maintaining the teaching quality and open a bilingual study program and research that represents scientific knowledge and Islamic study.

“While improving Academic Community Services can be actualized in humane, effective, and efficient services, said Rector. (usa)

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