Syahida Inn, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis requested the State Civil Apparatuses (ASN-PNS) to uphold the organizational values while continuing to improve their competencies. This is needed so that the ASN PNS are able to make maximum contributions in accordance with their duties.

That is the conclusion of the Rector’s direction during the Basic Training for Civil Servants Candidates, Group III, Batch IV-VII 2019, at the Syahida Inn, Monday (09/02/2019). The Rector herself delivered a presentation on human resources development and ASN Values.

An ASN-PNS must uphold organizational values such as integrity, professionalism, innovation and care. “As prospective bureaucrats, CPNS are also required to prioritize excellent service to stakeholders and committed to improving their work quality,” she said.

Furthermore, the ASN PNS also have an obligation to continue to develop their competencies and knowledge.

“Due to the increasingly fierce academic services competition, the obligation to improve competencies and knowledge must be prioritized. In addition to public expectations, competition also occurs because domestic and foreign universities also continue to improve their service qualities,” said Rector.  (usa/zm/yd)

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