Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA expressed his appreciation for the establishment of Center for Students with Special Needs (CSSN) UIN Jakarta.  The institution is expected to facilitate the students and prospective students in UIN Jakarta who have special needs in carrying out their study activity.

This was conveyed by Rector during the opening of Inclusive Education Training Workshop for Education and Teaching Personnel in Diorama Room, Tuesday (07/10/2018). “I am very happy and appreciate the establishment of social institutions that specifically deal with people with disabilities in UIN Jakarta,” he said.

According to Rector, it is very important to note and should be handled specifically. Because, like normal human beings, persons with disabilities also have the same right to access education. Therefore, UIN Jakarta as an inclusive campus sets up this center so they can gain full access to education.

“They have the same right to obtain a proper education. We must respect their rights as human being, because they also have the same potential,” said Rector

Meanwhile, Chairwoman of Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) of UIN Jakarta Sururin states, the establishment of CSSN is one of UIN Jakarta’s tagline manisfestation, which is Humanity. owever, before the institution was established, UIN Jakarta has already realized the needs of people with disabilities, such as the provision of access roads in every hospitable campus for persons with disabilities.

“So, this is proof that UIN Jakarta has great concern for people with disability,” she said.

The workshop held by the Faculty of Dakwah and Communication (FIDK) was attended by a number of lecturers, staff, as well as some students at UIN Jakarta. To produce workshop formulas, the participants were divided into two groups by discussing at least five topic modules.

This event presents a number of speakers, Dean of FIDK who also served as Chairman of CSSN Dr Arief Subhan, Chairwoman of Center for Language Development (PPB) UIN Jakarta Siti Nurul Azkiyah, Director of Jiwa Sehat Foundation Yenny Rosa Damayanti, Lecturer from Psychology Faculty of UIN Jakarta Yunita Faela Nisa, and lecturer from Tarbiyah and Teachers Training Faculty of UIN Jakarta Yayah Nurmaliyah. (usa)

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