Palu, UIN NEWS Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA and a number of academics from UIN Jakarta attended the 18th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) which took place at IAIN Datokarama, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Monday-Thursday (17-20 / 9/2018). Aside from being invited guests, a number of community members were present as speakers and participants of Islamic study events that were routinely conducted since the last 18 years.

The Rector himself attended the 18th AICIS official opening ceremony which was held at the Mercure Hotel Auditorium, Palu, Tuesday (09/18/2018). The opening was carried out directly by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, accompanied by the Director General of Islamic Education Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin Amin.

In addition, the opening itself was attended by a number of invited speakers from various local and world universities. Among them are Dominik M. Muller from the German Max Plank Institute, Hans Christian Gunther from Albert Ludwiw Universitat, Freiburg, Germany, Prof. Hakimolahi from Tehran University Iran, General Chairman of PB Al-Khairaat KH Habib Ali al-Jufri, Director of CRCS UGM Yogyakarta Dr. Zainal Abidin Bagir.

The Rector himself appreciated the organization of AICIS for the umpteenth time. “Hopefully it will provide the spirit for researchers of the Indonesian Islamic religious tertiary institutions to continue the spirit of exploring scientific treasures as well as dialogue with world academic partners,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, a number of academics from UIN Jakarta were present as invited speakers and selected paper presenters. Among them, Dr. Siti Fatimah, invitation speaker at Panel 2 Discussion “Contemporary Trends of Islamic Studies in Iran and Indonesia”; Dr. Syafiq Hasyim, invitation speaker at Panel 3 “The Current Development of Islam in Southeast Asia”; and, Prof. Dr. Amany Lubis, Chair of Panel 4 Discussion “The Dynamic of Islamic Studies in Middle East”.

In addition, a number of UIN Jakarta lecturers were also selected as part of the 300-selected paper to be presented at the forum. Data from the AICIS 2018 publication itself notes that the AICIS was attended by 1700 participants from various national and world universities. (usa)

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