Jakarta, UIN News online – The Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis invites Indonesian Muslimah scientists to play an active role in society in accordande with their respective expertise and capacities. This was said by Amany during her inauguration as the chairperson of MAI for the period of 2019-2023, through zoom application, Friday (07/03/2020). Also present in the inauguration, Indonesian Minister for Religiious Affairs Fachrul Razi.

According to Amany, in terms of quantity, more than half of Indonesia’s population is women. Even in elections, the level of female voter participation is much higher than men. This is a potential that must be optimally empowered. Therefore, Muslimah scientists (alimat) must continue to actively take part in developing the nation.

“We need to support the society in accordance with our respective fields,” said Amany.

In the health sector, for example, Muslimah scientists during the Covid-19 pandemic were expected to play a role in society. Muslimah scientists can help the community in the fields of health, medical and nursing services. And those who have expertise in economics must be able to help the affected communities.

“In the health sector, we have ibu Andi Wahyuningsih Attas, former Director of Fatmawati General Hospital who is now serve as Acting Director of the Jakarta hajj hospital,” said Amany.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs Fachrul razi in his speech asked the members of MAI to perform at least three important roles. First, Muslimah scientists must contribute in halting the spread of Covid-19. This effort is adjusted to the academic background, expertise and abilities.

Second, MAI must be able to ensure that there is no loss of educated generation. The Covid-19 is indeed the pandemic, but that does not mean the end of the educational process in the Muslim community.

“If the education process stops because of Covid-19, then we as a nation will certainly lose educated generations who will become our successors,” he said.

Third, all members of MAI must be able to provide peace for their family. The Covid-19 pandemic period has the potential to create emotional instability in the family environment. “Therefore, all members of MAI should take a proactive part in bringing peace to their respective family environments,” he added.

For information, MAI organization consists of Muslim women who have a variety of expertise and different academic backgrounds. Among those who are administrators of the academics are Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Lily Surayya, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Zilhadia, Dean of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Sururin, and Dean of Psychology Zahrotun Nihayah. In addition, there are novelists Helvy Tiana Rosa, artists and entrepreneurs Marissa G Haque. (usa/ns)

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