Rectorate, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis expressed her concern about women’s involvement in terrorism activities. This was stated by Amany when she responded to an act of terrorism committed by a woman at the Indonesian Police Headquarters some time ago.

According to Amany, acts of terrorism, including those committed by women, should not occur if only they have a complete and comprehensive religious understanding. This is because all religious teachings oppose terrorism, whatever the reason is.

“Islam strongly opposed terrorism. Islam is a religion of peace which strongly opposes all forms of violence,” said Rector to UIN News Online on Wednesday (04/07/2021).

The recent terror incidents, she continued, shows the importance of religious and nationality insight to the society, both for women and men. “Women are the same as men, both living in the society. It means that whatever action is given to the man is also given to the woman,” said Amany.

However, Amany also admitted that there are many people who think that women involvement in various act of terror are caused by influence from their husbands, families or certain groups.

“One solution to these problems can be obtained through education. Education can prevent various negative actions, including acts of terrorism commited by both men and women,” said Rector. (usa/ns)

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