Diorama Room, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Amany Lubis encourages journals published by units and institutions at UIN Jakarta to be managed more seriously. This is important so that lecturers and students can write their results of their research through scientific journal publishing.

This was said by Amany during the UIN Jakarta scientific journal management workshop in the Harun Nasution Auditorium’s Diorama Room, Friday (01/10/2020). “I also want every published research result to have an impact in the form of policies that can be utilized by the government,” she said.

The Rector also said that many scientific journal publications have not been managed optimally. In fact, these journals are very important for improving academic quality, especially in the field of research.

“This year, we must reactivate the existing journals at UIN Jakarta, including student-managed journals and journals managed by study programs. If possible, all journals should be indexed by Sinta and Scopus,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Head of Puslitpen UIN Jakarta Imam Subhi in his reports revealed that of the 40 existing journals as of January 2020 only 27 journals had been indexed Sinta 1-6. On a national scale, the UIN Jakarta Journal’s Rank score is 17, but it is ranked 34th in the last three years from five other UINs.

“This certainly makes the development of Jakarta UIN publication scores in the last three years still less competitive compared to other UINs,” he said.

However, he added, Puslitpen will continue to strive so that all journals can be indexed by Sinta in order to increase its rank. “There are still 13 journals that have not beenindexed by Sinta. But we will try to index all journals, ” Imam Subhi said.

On the same occasion, the head of LP2M UIN Jakarta Jajang Jahroni added the lecturers have not paid much attention to journal publishing. They actually do more research than managing a journal.

However, Jajang promised that the journal management would be improved in the future, both in terms of budgeting and research quality. According to Jajang, the publications research management budget managed by the Research Center of the State University Operational Assistance (BOPTN) is currently only Rp 913 million. The budget is divided into journal management assistance of Rp. 383 million and additional research costs of Rp. 530 million.

“Ideally, the funds needed for an accredited journal is as much as Rp 30 million to Rp 40 million,” said Jajang. (usa/ns)

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