Bandung, UIN News Online – Rector, Deputy Rectors, Deans, Deputy Deans, Bureau Chiefs and Institutional heads in UIN Jakarta agree to realize work plans for 2018 fiscal year. The agreement was made by the signing of the Key Performance Indicator (IKU) module during Rakerpim in Bandung, West Java, Tuesday, (1/23/2018).

Related to that, Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, asked each unit to be able to realize the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (IKU) 2018 at least 80 percent.

“This is the proof that all officials in UIN Jakarta are ready to carry out their duties and responsibilities in advancing the international recognition process of UIN Jakarta. In 2018, IKU achievement shouldn’t be less than 80%, It will be much better if we could record a higher percentage of achievement,” said Rector.

For information, IKU or key performance indicators is a measurement standard for units or institutions in realizing the strategic goals. In this case, each bureau, faculty, units and institutions in UIN Jakarta listed each IKU that wishes to be realized throughout the 2018 fiscal year.

When met after signing the IKU, UIN Jakarta Planning and Finance Bureau Chief Drs. H. Subarja M.Pd admitted that his unit is ready to realize the target of 90 percent percentage.

Insya Allah we set the target to 90 percent. With the solidity and hard work of the section heads, sub-departments and staff at our bureau, hopefully we can achieve the target,” he said.

By referring to the evaluation of last year IKU achievement, he continued, the achievement of IKU targets will be done by maintaining the achievement of the quality of work in 2017 and improving the quality of performance in some aspects.  “We will optimize the electronic budgeting system, as well as sharpening the budget outcomes,” he explained. (usa)

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