meunasahAceh, UIN NEWS Online– Coming to the end of 2016, Kembara Insani Ibnu Batutta Student Humanity and Environment Defender Group (KMPLHK Ranita) UIN Jakarta, reconstructed aMeunasah (small mosque) at Pidie Jaya District, Aceh.

Reported from Kantor Berita Kemanusiaan ( on Monday (2/1/2017), Ranita Research and Development Department staff, Lina Sobariyah Arifin reporting the activity of two Ranita teams that are dispatched to the earthquake affected site.

Lina said, there was an earthquake on the scale of 6,5 SR on December 7th and was reported to have destroyed a number of public facilities such as schools, worship places, hospitals, shop houses, and also hundreds of houses greatly destroyed.

This earthquake killed more than a hundred victims and injures hundreds of both mild and severe injured victims, some of the people are still missing.

“On December 8th, we opened charity post for the cause of Aceh Earthquake, placed in the fork of Tarbiyah Park, UIN Jakarta campus one. The post was made for information centre and the centre for distribution of aid from the civitas academica of UIN Jakarta and other institutions. The donation raised to date are Rp 30.380.300,” Lina explained.

She also said, to distribute the donations, the first team which consists of two persons are dispatched along with another volunteer teams.

“After the disaster emergency status is revoked, we dispatched the second team to move into post-disaster recovery,” said Lina.

For the recovery, the donation distributed to rebuild the collapsed Mushola at Bale Kuthang Gp Sagoe Kecamatan Trienggadeng , Pidie Jaya District Aceh.

Reported by Syamsul Hidayat Lubis who is a member of the second team, live from the site on Sunday (1/1/2017):

UIN Jakarta Team moved in coordination with the head of the village (Keuchik) Bapak Azhar. He came into our post and then we marched to Bale Kuthang to see the condition of theMeunasah.

Azhar explained that no one offered to help and manage the reconstruction of the Meunasah yet. So we asked his permission to held a meeting with local community leaders.

We also met the Imam Tengku Ibrahim and he agreed on community meeting at 15.00 WIB.

The meeting was attended by several community board of leader such as secretary of the village, head of the village, head of youth representative, and also head of the custom at Bale Kuthang. Alhamdulilah, nicely taken into realization.

We also invited our friends from Habitat for Humanity Indonesia which are represented by four members with Bapak Eddy as the coordinator. This NGO is an institution that is engaged as a building consultant for the correct ways of building according to the regulation.

The results of our deliberations with residents of Dusun Bale Kuthang resulted in an agreement that the Meunasah will be reconstructed, its foundation will be strengthened while using mostly the materials from the Meunasah that still can be used.

Besides our main target to rebuild the Meunasah, we also set additional target on adding wudhu facilities, in the form of a water tank for the community to ease them having their wudhu.

Still from the result of our deliberation, it was agreed that on Friday, 30 December 2016 Meunasah demolition will be carried out together. This community work is carried out to assess which of the building materials that still can be used.

Besides focusing on reconstruction, our other duty for Trauma Healing is still going. We prepared 50 parcels consist of notebook, pencil, pen, eraser and pencil sharpener for the psychosocial activity closing which will be distributed to the children refugee in Meue Village.

The closing was done so that our target could be focused only in Sagoe Village. (rs/usa)

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