Canada, UIN News Online– One new student at UIN Jakarta this year has arrived from Canada. Her name is Iqra Yunus Palejwala. Originating from India, born in the UK and has become a Canadian citizen, she has enrolled in the undergraduate program One (S1) Faculty Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI).

Through WhatsApp message on Tuesday (06/21/16), Iqra eloquently tells how Muslim life in Canada. Here’s her statement:

“In Canada, Islam is a religion that developed in a very healthy and prosperous area. A very strong reason for this is due to the fact that Canada alone had differences. This is a true mosaic in Canada. Without race differences, religion, ethnicity and culture, Canada would not be Canada as we know it today.

This is because every difference is part of the Canadian mosaic. This is what will be built and continues to grow in Canada.

In Canada, the religion grew side by side in harmony. Politicians in Canada plays a major role in creating these conditions. A good example can be seen from the Prime Minister (PM) of Canada, Justin Trudeau. When Justin was elected, he gave the assurance that his cabinet had the same formation between men and women with different backgrounds.

This not only ensures that every group in hearing his voice, but also show that they are the ones who represent Canada in line leading featuring the face of diversity.

The existence of peace, religious freedom, democracy, diversity and Multi culturalism allows Muslims in Canada to be respected. A great proof of this is how Canadian Muslims and non-Muslims put their hands together to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees.

In addition, the Canadian Muslim community is actively working with local politicians to combat extremists claiming to represent Islam. Therefore, this close relationship creates unity between Muslims and non-Muslims Canada.

In Toronto, there are about 20 mosques and every mosque try their best to deliver projects in a multi-faith, educational seminars, and other events, so for a Canadian, non-Muslims can visit them and learn about Islam.

As a result, many Canadians are aware of the teachings of true Islam, so that they show their respect. There are those who also helped fast during Ramadan, although they are not Muslim, even PM Canada urges non-Muslims to fast.

In conclusion, Canada is the right country to serve as a model multiculturalism to the world, both the unity of its people, as well as difference. (Translated by Dzikri/Safee)

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