Canada, UIN NEWS Online– Everyone of us is familiar with one of this martial arts, it is not only in Indonesia or neighboring countries, this sport has also been known and go international since 1987.

Pencak Silat, is one of the original martial arts in Indonesia. Some history said that, Pencak Silat as one of martial arts had been grown and spread in the archipelago around the 7th century AD. Yet there has been no definite information about who the inventor and who the spreader of this deadly self-defense was.

Speaking of this famous martial arts, Ali Hudaibi SSI Lc MA (Lecturer at Pesantren Hadith Darus Sunnah and Imam at Masjid Jami ‘Student Center, UIN Jakarta), before he got the duty as imam at Sayeda Khadija Center Mosque, Toronto, he had a guest from Rain City, his name was Mr. Ujang. In Indonesian martial arts, Pak Ujang’s name is very famous. He is one of martial arts master and experts. That said, the whole belt level has been achieved by him.

To Ali, Pak Ujang told him about martial arts world and history. The initial stories was started from the establishment of Pencak Silat organization in Indonesia, now it is known as IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia), he was also included in his story about organization that embraces pencak silat federations in various countries which is known as PERSILAT (Persekutuan Pencak Silat Antar Bangsa). On the tale he was trying not be missed every single experience he has, and then Pak Ujang completed his story with the origin of the influx of cultural and religious influences.

Pak Ujang not only proficient in martial arts, he also understands well about every type of martial arts in Indonesia, together with their different names according to the varieties of Pencak Silat. In West Java, for example, pencak silat was famous for the variety of Cimande and Cikalong, in Central Java it is famous for the Merpati Putih, in East Java known as the Perisai Diri, and in Minangkabau it is called Silek popularized by Datuk Suri Diraja.

In addition, silat as martial art is also known in peninsula Malaysia and Singapore with their variety name of gayong and cekak. In Thailand, pencak silat is known by its bersilat name, and in the southern Philippines it is known as pasilat. From its name, it can be seen that the term “silat” is the most widespread term, so it is well believed that pencak silat had spread from Sumatra to various areas in Southeast Asia.

Silat Exist in Canada

Not only in Asian countries, silat is also known in some European countries and America. Toronto, Canada for example, Ali met one of the residents of MIIT Canada (Indonesian Muslim Society of Toronto Canada) named Mr. Didin Kuntjoro who came from Malang East Java.

On his busyness, Mr. Didin was able to give his time to share about martial arts to another Muslim brothers there. Located at the Sayeda Khadija Center, there are at least hundreds of people have become his protégés and trained directly by Pak Didin. They were interested to learn with their goal to preserving the martial arts of Pencak Silat, and also to maintain their body fitness.

There were not only Indonesian Muslim, many other Muslims in this maple country participate to learn this Pencak Silat. In Sayeda Khadija Center’s itself, Prof. Dr. Hamid Slimi, admitted his interest of this Indonesian martial art. And have planned to open a kind of special martial arts school for pencak silat here.

On his speeches, Prof. Hamid Slimi several times mentioned that Muslims should have good brain (way of thinking), good heart (spiritual), and healthy body (strong).

Apparently, from stories above it can be learned important lessons that may be useful for us all. Among other things, how we as citizens of Indonesia need to have indebted for Allah SWT kindness, with these rich varieties of natural resources, human resources and local cultures abundance which had been well recognized by the world.

Furthermore, true martial arts is not just as a sport, or just arts, and arena of attraction. Moreover, in the era of expanded of Islam, Pencak Silat also became a tool as supporting of struggle (da’wah) upholding the teachings of God in this archipelago, especially when needed.

Considering, to fight (da’wah process) to uphold the teachings of Allah is obligatory for every Muslim through various ways, then in da’wah it needs “ammunition” as the sustaining for the success of da’wah it self.

Let us refer to Allah commandment, which means:

“And prepare to face them whatever powers you can afford and from the horses that are moored for battle (which by that preparation) you are frightening the enemies of Allah and your enemies and those other than those whom you do not know; While God knows it. Whatever you spend in the way of Allah will undoubtedly be sufficiently restored to you and you will not be persecuted. “(Surat al-Anfal (8): 60). Continued … (usa-im)

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