Auditorium SPs, UIN NEWS Online – Indonesian Tafsir Expert HM Quraish Shihab revealed that the interpretation of the Qur’an has a subjective nature. Because it is subjective, then the interpreter can focus the Qur’an in accordance with the times it faces.

It was said by Quraish Shihab when giving a public lecture titled “Method of Tafsir Al-Qur’an” in the Auditorium of Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta, Monday (23/4/2018). Public lecture was attended by hundreds of students, both master and doctoral programs.

“The interpretation of the Qur’an is subjective, but it does not include fiction, which is just about the sentence contained in it. Because the Qur’an itself is guaranteed the truth, “he said.

According to Quraish, when interpreting the Qur’an, an interpreter also need not be caught in subjectivity, because the text has an objective meaning in its internal structure. However, the meaning of the internal structure can’t kill the subject, because the text will point or be directed to a particular world.

“Therefore, interpretation in addition to finding the meaning of objective words, also finds the horizon of the world in the direction of the text, and the interpreter fused into the world of text,” explained Rector of UIN Jakarta period 1992-1998.

Qiraish says, if one wants to be friendly with the Qur’an, then it should be close with him. Not only read once, but should be made into routine, even made as if it was a lover. “The Qur’an will be able to increase worldly speed,” he said.

It is said that in the near future, Minister of Religious Affairs in the era of President Soeharto will also issue a book on mawaris (heirs). In the book, he said, Quraish explained about the division of property for women.

“In fiqih mawaris, ordinary women just want to get half of the male portion. Unfortunately in this book (I) it will be aired again for women based on various cases that occurred in this modern era, “he said. (usa-rs)

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