Al-Jamiah Mosque, UIN News Online – The Rector of UIN Jakarta for the period of 1992-1998, Quraish Shihab, delivers his speech in to the academic community of UIN Jakarta, Saturday (05/04/2019), at al-Jami’ah Mosque, campus I of UIN Jakarta. The event was guided directly by her daughter, Najwa Shihab.

In his speech, Quraish encouraged Indonesian Muslim communities to always respect one another. This can be done by stopping all forms of hate speech in various forms, both in real life and digital social media.

Additionally, Quraish also reminded that religion (Islam) has a dimension that cannot be rationalized by the logic of scientific knowledge. Because, he explained, religious beliefs are not only about reasoning, but acceptance of faith.

The author of the Tafsir Al-Mishbah exemplifies, a Muslim is commanded to perform Zuhr and Asr prayer services with the number of each of the four rak’ahs. Logically, humans at that time were busy working or physically exhausted after a day of work.

“Then, why at dawn were we ordered to pray only two rak’ahs? That is the religion. There are things we can reason with, and some of which only require acceptance of faith,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs who also present in the event expressed his appreciation to Quraish Shihab. According to Andi, the presence of Quraish was not only beneficial in scientific and Islamic terms, but also motivated the students of UIN Jakarta to following his steps. (usa)

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