Student Affairs Building, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Scout contingent on the Wirakarya campsite (PW) to the 14th College of religious (PTK) in Indonesia that took place on the campus of UIN Pekanbaru, Riau, has returned to campus, Friday (11/5/2018). The contingent welcoming ceremony is conducted in a customary manner in front of the Student Building by the supervisor of Front Cluster Nanang Syaikhu. Coach of male pandega unit Arief Aryanto Aryadi and coach of female pandega unit Saidah are also welcome the contingent.

Nanang Syaikhu in his speech said that the contingent of UIN Jakarta is grateful to have arrived on campus safely. The contingent of UIN Jakarta has also demonstrated its participation during the PTK PW activities, even earning the award as the “best mannered contingent “.

Although the PW arena is not a race event, but the award is a form of appreciation for the achievements of the organizers who won the contest UIN Jakarta. “We hope to keep cohesiveness and courtesy in every scouting activity, whether logical and regional or national and international,” said Nanang.

To the participants of the contingent, Nanang expects to continue to contribute to the progress of Racana.

“You should be grateful to be selected as a participant through a competitive selection process. Therefore, we hope to continue serving and devoted to the Racana, Gugus Depan, and the Indonesian Scout Movement,” he said.

As is known, the Scouts of UIN Jakarta follow the 14th PTK PW in Indonesia with the host of UIN Pekanbaru, Riau, on 3-10 May 2018. The contingent of UIN Jakarta sends 20 participants (10 male and 10 female), four companion coaches, five observer, and a contingent leader.

PW PTK opened Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin on the campus of UIN Sultan Syari Kasim. While the activities are done in the form of physical and non-physical devotion centered on the campus UIN Suska (camp) and in three villages in Kampar regency and one village in the city of Pekanbaru. (usa-rs)

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