FAH Theater, UIN News Online – LSO Public Speaking Club FAH UIN Jakarta holds public speaking workshop entitled “Why Always Public Speaking, Komunikasi Yang Baik Menghasilkan Respon Yang Baik Pula”, Friday (10/13/2017) at FAH Theater, Campus III of UIN Jakarta.

Present in the event, head department of BSA FAH UIN Jakarta, chairman of FAH student affairs, chairman of LSO public speaing club FAH UIN Jakarta M Ridwan, Tri Sutruisno SS, (motivator), and students of FAH UIN Jakarta.

This event aims to increase confidence in public speaking for new students of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities (FAH) UIN Jakarta.

During his presentation, Sutrisno said that Public Speaking is an oral communication in the form of speeches, lectures, presentations. “Many people feel nervous when talking in front of the crowd. Hopefully, this workshop can increase the confidence when talking in front of the crowd,” he said.

On the same occasion, Ridwan says, basic public speaking techniques are overcoming nervous in speaking, breathing techniques, vocal techniques, preparation, opening techniques, conveying, and closing.

“Usually, nervousness is due to not accustomed to speaking in front of many people. The solution is to keep practicing. If you are used to practice, Insya Allah, we will not feel nervous again,” he said. (usa)

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