The Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (BAUK) Dr. H. Rudi Subiyantoro, M.Pd

The Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (BAUK) Dr. H. Rudi Subiyantoro, M.Pd

Rectorate, UIN News Online – The State Islamic Higher Education (PTKIN) in Indonesia should become the pioneer in scientific development, both in religious and general science. To realize it, there should be a commitment between all elements in PTKIN in order to reach that goal.

It was said by the Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (BAUK) Dr H Rudi Subiyantoro to UIN News Online in rectorate building, Monday, (1/9). He said PTKIN should be the pioneer because of its strategic role in advancing the Muslims in education sector. In a wider context, PTKIN must also be able to become the Islamic Institution that teaches about peace, tolerance, and democracy.

“PTKIN need to contribute to the advancement of the Muslims and to the nation of Indonesia. It can be realized if the policy makers in each PTKIN have the same vision-mission and committed in the development of Islamic Education,” said Rudi.

According to Rudi, the management of Islamic Institutions in PTKIN is like a bird that has two wings, the wing of lecturer elements and the wing of administrative elements. “If one of the wings cannot pack, it will be difficult to fly away into the sky,” said the former Head of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Rudi asserts, as PTKIN administrator, the apparatuses need to improve their competence based on their duties and function. It is intended so they can properly serve the public. This is because the people today tend to be more open and critical.

Rudi also expected the PTIK management that is already good at this time can be improved in order to achieve more public trust in Islamic education, especially from the Muslim Community.

“If the service is good, the people will be satisfied, otherwise, the people will be disappointed,” he added.

For a better transformation of PTKIN in the future, he added, all elements of PTKIN must have the courage to explore the positive and reliable information sources as well as to expand themselves with the new knowledge.  Through these efforts, they will always innovate up with the times.

“Not only that, the performance of all elements in PTKIN will also be appreciated by the society,” said Rudi. (usa)

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