FKIK Auditorium, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Students Choir (PSM) holds vocal recital 2017, in Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FKIK) UIN Jakarta Auditorium, Thursday, (5/11). The event themed Cerita Pusaka Bangsa Dunia, is participated by all PSM UIN Jakarta new members.

Maula Aida Anjani, a member of UIN Jakarta PSM revealed that the concert was held in order to improve the quality of PSM new members. “Additionally, the concert also be a form of assessment process for the new members,” she said.

At the concert, the new member sang six classic songs and five folk songs. The five folk songs are Gending Sriwijaya from South Sumatra, Ampar Ampar Pisang from South Kalimantan, O i na ni keke from North Sulawesi, Manuk Dadali from West Java, and Jangkrik Genggong from Central Java.

The songs are also performed in five sound compositions. In addition to singing songs, the members also interceded with explanations of the meaning and the short story behind the dedicated songs.

At the end of the event, PSM invited UIN Jakarta students who attended the event to sing Hymne UIN. Acting as a conductor, Putri Amelia, one of the main conductors of PSM UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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