PSM UIN Jakarta

PSM UIN Jakarta

Rectorate, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Student Choir (PSM) successfully achieve bronze prize winner in the Busan Choral Festival and Competition (BCFC) on folk song category in South Korea.

At this international event organized by Korean Choral Institute, PSM UIN Jakarta performed three songs, which is Tari Pasambahan, Anging Mamiri, and Anoman Obong folk song.

“Alhamdulillah, we managed to get the 3rd winner in the 12th BCFC 2016. Thanks for our lovely campus, UIN Jakarta for the attention and supports,” Said the head of PSM UIN Jakarta Andriansyah Nur Hidayat through a text message from Busan, South Korea on Friday, (10/21).

Despite only winning Bronze Prize, Andriansyah continued, PSM UIN Jakarta feel proud and happy to perform the Indonesian folk song in the international competition, because the event was attended by 34 participants from 10 countries such as South Korea, Philippine, Russia, Japan, Canada, Norway, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a team of judges from South Korea, the United States, Lithuania, and Japan.

“We managed to get rid of 31 other participants to achieve this rank.” He said happily.

He also added that two PSM member have the opportunity to present Indonesian culture and introduce UIN Jakarta to the international audiences.

“Two members of the team did a presentation in front of the Korean academician, Mustohi Zaman and Trisno Riyadi MM. They provide information regarding Indonesia in general and UIN Jakarta specifically. Hopefully, we can continue to introduce UIN Jakarta to International audiences. ” He added. (mf/ika p/umar)

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