RSU, UIN News Online – Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) UIN Jakarta conducted its third lecture class on gender study, by raising the issue on Gender and Politics, Thursday, (7/20), taking place at main meeting room (RSU) UIN Jakarta.

Present as speakers, the lecturer from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UIN Jakarta who also served as gender activist, Gefarina Djohan MA, accompanied by the head of PSGA UIN Jakarta Ir. Rahmi Purnomowati, M.Si.

In her remarks, Rachmi said that this class is held in order to realize gender equality, both in politics and everyday life. “Through this class, we continue to eliminate the perspective of gender bias and provide a gender understanding in various domains for UIN Jakarta students and lecturers,” said Rachmi.

In the same place, Gefarina during her presentation explains that the relationships between gender and politics can be found starting from family environment,  between husband and wife to a wider social level, for example in practical politics.

“At the level of authorities, it also varies, ranging from the symbolic level, the use of language and discourse, to a more real level, such as labor issues, migration, violence, land, and women representation in political parties,” said Gefarina.

According to her, Political and political behavior is still seen as a masculine (male) activity, where it takes a courage, independence, freedom of expression, and aggressive action.

Completing her presentation, Gefarina also discusses the enactment of Law Number 12 of 2003 on general elections.  It can be said that women’s struggles to gain special privileges in the affirmative action have been achieved.

“This policy can benefit Indonesian women. With the amendment, women can increase their political participation in parliament,” she said. (usa)

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