psgaAcademic Building, UIN News Online – Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) UIN Jakarta finally chose three winners of the 2016 National Scientific Writing Contest (LKTI), they are Muhamad Tisna Nugraha (FITK Lecturer of UIN Pontianak), Nur Hidayah Ph.D (FEB Lecturer of UIN Jakarta), and Chaterine Hermawan Salim (Faculty of physiotherapy from the University of Indonesia Esa Unggul).

The first place winner, Muhamad write the scientific article entitled Dampak Ekstrimisme dan Terorisme: Collective Punishment pada Wanita dan Anak-Anak (Impact of Extremism and Terrorism: Collective Punishment of Women’s and Children’s), the second winner, Nur hidayah write the scientific article entitled Islam, Gender, dan Kewirausahaan dalam Perspektif Budaya Muslim Indonesia: Kendala dan Strategi Peningkatan Partisipasi Perempuan (Islam, Gender and Cultural Perspectives of Entrepreneurship in Indonesia’s Muslim: The Obstacles and Strategy to Increase Women’s Participation). While Chaterine, write the scientific article entitled Mewujudkan Indonesia Layak Anak dalam Perspektif Perlindungan Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM) Anak dan Kesejahteraan Sosial (Realizing Indonesia to be Eligible for Childen in the Perspective of Children Rights Protection and Social Welfare).

The awards for the three winners were given directly by the Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Arskal Salim and the Head of Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) UIN Jakarta Ir. Rahmi Purnomowati M.Si. in the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau meeting room.

In his remarks, Arskal appreciated the writers who have submitted their works to compete in this activities. “Hopefully, the result of this research can contribute to our effort to empower women and protects children,” he said.

In line with Arskal, Rahmi also added that this event was aimed to appreciate the researchers who concerned about the empowerment of women and protection of children. “We hope that this event continues to run as an appreciation to individuals who have attention on issues of women’s empowerment and the protection of children,” said Rahmi. (usa)

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